NeverWet Spray Is A Work Of Art!

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The Home Depot community is full of creative ideas for the use of their products. Two community members, Nathan Sharatt and Dana0814 have used Never Wet Superhydrophobic spray to create pavement works of art. Their genius idea involves spraying the nano technology coating onto a concrete pavement with a stencil, resulting in artwork that can only be seen when it rains.


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Never Wet Test: White Trainers

Rustoleum Neverwet has been put through its paces on a pair of white Jordans trainers.  In his YouTube video, Ivan Potocnik pours sticky Jack Daniels BBQ sauce directly onto his trainers that have been coated with the superhydrophobic spray. As the sauce slides off the trainers without a trace, Ivan’s reaction says it all!

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What would happen if you put NeverWet Superhydrophobic coating on your skin?

A blogger has answered the most important NeverWet question – What would happen if I put superhydrophobic coating on my skin? The people at have made a demonstration video, so that you don’t have to! It’s worth pointing out here that under no circumstances do we condone using this product on your skin. NeverWet was created for a multitude of practical uses, but in not intended for use on people or animals! So we’ll show you the video below, so that you don’t have to put your own health at risk!


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Rust-Oleum NeverWet put through its paces with electronics

NeverWet is the latest product to be tested by online electrical engineer and entrepreneur Limor Fried on her website Although NeverWet creators stress that the product shouldn’t be used on electronics, Fried and her team have demonstrated that in certain situations, the superhydrophobic coating can be used to waterproof some types of gadgets. In this video, the team are shown coating a variety of objects including a Raspberry Pi and an LED bike helmet.

It’s worth mentioning here, that the team strongly recommends that you don’t try these experiments at home! The team also suggests that because the coating can degrade over time if left in direct sunlight, it’s not a suitable coating for electronics.

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Introducing NeverWet Superhydrophobic coating!

Imagine being able to spray a coating onto almost any object that instantly repels water, dust and dirt.

What was once only possible in science fiction is now a reality, thanks to the scientists at Ross Nonotechnology. Neverwet is a brand new and innovative patented super hydrophobic coating that can be sprayed onto almost every surface to keep it clean and dry. This 2-stage coating repels almost anything it comes into contact with, including water, mud, oil, dirt and dust. The results have to be seen to be believed.

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